Swedish Massage:
30 Min. $30.00
60 Min. $60.00
Plus your choice: Included
Hot Stone Massage, Cupping or Reflexology

Waxing Services:

Eyebrow                                 $10.00
Chin or Lip                              $10.00
Underarm                               $15.00
1/2 Leg                                   $25.00
Full Leg                                  $50.00

Sanctuary Spa uses Nufree for waxing services:

A great choice for hair removal. Nufree is a soya-based, antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system. Because it's not a wax, it never sticks to the skin, so your clients won't experience the pain, redness, or swelling of typical wax treatments--only silky, smooth skin. This amazing product actually uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft. After the Nufree treatment, Finipil is applied to help slow down the growth of hair. 
Facials, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion:
Express Facial 30 Min.        $15.00
Spa Facial         60 Min        $30.00
Winter Facial  40 Min           $30.00
Teen Facial    40 Min.           $30.00

Plus your choice included:
High Frequency Light Therapy (tightens skin)
Galvanic ( removes blackheads)
Vacuume Facial Massage ( increases facial circulation)
30 Min.                                  $40.00
60 Min.                                  $80.00
Beta Peel Mask 22%              $60.00
Lactic Green Tea Peel 25%    $60.00
Glycolic Peel  33%                 $60.00
Revitalizing Cream Peel         $60.00
Dermal Flash Peel                  $60.00

(Will need to have a patch test.for Chemical Peels)

Eyelash and Brow Tint:
Eyelash Tint $10.00
Brow Tint     $10.00
Add Ons:
Foot 20 Min.  $14.00
Hand 20 Min. $14.00
Hand and Foot 40 Min. $26.00
Cupping  20 Min. $20.00
Hot Stone Massage 20 Min.$ 20.00
High Frequncy
Light Therapy 20 Min. $20.00